Say hello to MIBAP!

Hi, we're MIBAP, a creative Taiwanese food startup, based in Berlin. Our goal is to share healthy and convenient food with everyone. All of our dishes are handmade in Berlin from fresh ingredients.

So, where does the name Mibap come from? "MI" () means rice in Mandarin, and Mibap means Rice kebap. We use seaweed, multigrain rice, different vegetables, and our unique Crystal Patty to create our main dish Mibap, inspired by traditional Taiwanese flavors with a new form and unique texture.

If you are vegan or vegetarian and have not tried Mibap yet, just drop by at one of our events and give it a try! We are always happy to share our food and to hear how you like it.

Crystal Patty

Our unique main ingredient is entirely plant-based and made from sweet potato, taro, and tapioca. Based on an idea from the traditional Taiwanese kitchen, we created the Crystal Patty as an unusual alternative to meat. Its texture is chewy in its own way and its taste is at the heart of our main dishes – try it and you will know what we mean.

Rice grains

Instead of only white rice grains, we took inspiration from Taiwan and use different rice grains such as quinoa, black rice, and millet. This does not only provide more layers of taste, but also healthier dishes with a higher nutritional value.

Vegan Blood Cake

You're wondering why this dish is called Vegan Blood Cake? The original blood cake is a typical part of the Taiwanese street food culture. Other than the traditional recipe, our version is vegan: The dark color comes from seaweed.
We serve this dish with miso sauce, peanut powder and coriander, salty and a bit sweet – a classic flavor from Taiwan.

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